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Updated: 3rd February 2014 (A bit of a trim of dead links and a link to Chris's Radio and TV forum)

This page contains some links that I have found useful or interesting over the years.  Apologies if I've missed you out in the latest update - I'll put everyone in that I've promised next time.

Jon's Valve Page - Another collector of old relics. Some excellent circuits to build too. 

Paul Stenning's Vintage Radios - Tons of information on old radio repairs, valves etc. Also a well-moderated forum for Radio and TV repair advice. Very good indeed.

TV Ark - A depressingly professional site for all things related to TV programs, Adverts, Public information films etc. etc. Great stuff.

Marcel's TV Museum - A big collection of old Televisions, Videos and other related stuff on Marcel's excellent Dutch site.

LabGuy's Old VTR's - Loads of Vintage AmericanVideo's on this excellent American site.

Chris's Vintage Radio and Television Forum - An excellent forum dedicated to the repair of old TVs and Radios. Well worth a visit.

The Meldrum Home Page - An excellent site full of information on TV past and present, particularly the bits in between the programs. Also home to the Test Card Gallery.

The PAL-Site- Tons of information about the Beta, Video2000 and Umatic video systems in theUK and Europe.

The Great Australian "Countdown" Hunt- Australian site by a great chap called Troy, looking for lost episodes of "Countdown" (Old Oz pop-music programme). Excellent section on old VCR formats, and look at the some of the place names in the "About Myself" section. Mole-Creek, Zeehan, Culburra etc. etc. Wow.

Des's 405-TV Page - Des is a fellow collector of old TVs. This site has lots of excellent pictures of unusual sets from yesteryear. (Is that a real word?)

TotalRewind - A virtual museum of vintage video technology. Unfortunately, it's much better than my efforts on these pages. :-(

A Prarie Home Companion- Garrison Keillor's fantastic radio program from Minnesota.  (Sky Channel872, Sundays at 11:00.)

M.A. Lloyd Metal Fabrication- An excellent company in Birmingham who can manufacture, polish, blast, form, weld, press, paint, anodise, plate, turn and do just about anything else with metal. They can make bolts, chassis, plates, boxes and loads of other stuff. I had a piece of metal trim made with M.A. Lloyd, and they made a cracking job of it. Highly recommended.

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